Sunday, April 8, 2012

OK, now some of you may have thought the previous as a joke. Wasn't even paying attention to the date when I posted it. No joke.

This all started during a same old same old sort of day of clearing abandoned goods from a vacant apartment. Upon clearing a closet, I at least found some nice red suede heeled platforms that I thought would look great on my wife. Minor win. Upon getting home, I proudly laid them out on the floor and asked what she thought, and as she walked up to them, my minor win turned to epic fail. It became immediately obvious that they were far too big. She actually suggested that they looked more my size. It turns out that she was right!

We crafted a prank to post on FaceBook. I'd model the shoes with painted nails, she'd post on her FB page, and troll for comments for a few days before spilling the beans, Adding to the "sell" on this is that I've had shaved legs for years as a holdover from my road bike racing days.

The day came for the pics - and the unintended consequences. I didn't really pay any attention to the whole process as it unfolded, but when I looked down upon my painted tootsies in those shoes - I was transfixed! I felt “pretty”! ~:0 I'm a 52 year old GUY! I'm not supposed to feel pretty!!! The horrible truth was that I was head over heels in love with having painted toenails. 

Great! What the hell ELSE is going to happen, I wondered.

This is the look that started this odd adventure.

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  1. The heels are lovely! They are the perfect compliment to your fabulous pedi!! Love then both =D